About us

We are group of young researchers passionate about the philosophy of sustainable development. This website presents our activities performed in Slovakia. The aim of our initiative is to promote sustainability as a main principle that is supposed to rescue this planet for upcoming generations. The broad range of activities we perform encompasses organization of thematic international events, cooperation with leading scientists, interdisciplinary research, cooperation with communities and companies (especially Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises). We usually assist them in implementation of sustainability measurement metrics.  We understand the philosophy of sustainable development as a competitive advantage in markets placing value on triple bottom line of sustainability. Respecting triple bottom line principles means that there is a market space which cannot be entered by companies with low social and environmental performance. “Triple bottom line” means ecological, social and economic dimension of activities of every company. Our point of view is that being sustainable automatically means being innovative and competitive. Sustainability is phenomenon that comes from academic world and this world has to keep an eye on that, in order to prevent misuse and misinterpretation of this conception.